Monday, 25 October 2021


After so many years of neglect and indifference, of being treated shabbily, I realize how all the pain throughout the years has hardened me inside - Now I am going to change this. I no longer will make a pretense of being loved, no more pretending that my family loves me, no more "rose colored glasses" for me . . . I do not believe. I do demand respect for the many years of love and respect that I showered on you, even if you have no memory, it does not mean it did not happen, it means this is my truth, and I tell the truth. I want to live my life on my terms, that in part means, I want peace, tranquility, health, and happiness, and most of all from you, it is the respect I wish for. A reminder to you that, if not for me, you, your offspring and more would not exist. Now that should give you a wake up call, a little food for thought - I am important! If you hear anyone say adverse words about me, it is your duty to stop them in their tracks - you should never allow that to happen. If your children say rude things to me, you must chastise them. I am after all your Mother.

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