Wednesday, 5 May 2021



Between soft clouds of puffed white warmth
midnights crescent moon reflects the shadows.
In peaceful sleep of pleasant dreams
there slithered in...
...the quick silver touch of evil love.
Amid the flashing lightning rods
bedazzling in the brightness
The winds of time stood still.

Begins...a private rendez-vous with satan.
In the stillness of the calm
sipping dewy drops of deathlessness
the bargaining begins.

Copper of Venus, iron of Mars
weaving magic webs of gold
in shimmering stars.
Tin of Jupiter, lead of Saturn
weapons...brewed in magic broth
against the fates and death.

Hush whispered words in tones of drunkeness
MAGIC...the practise of valued ends.
In thralls of spasm
muscle, bone and flesh succumb
signed with kisses from death's cold lips.

An exit wind to ride upon
The bargaining is done.

dmMattia ~ Summer 1997

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