Thursday, 27 May 2021


Welcome Today
I waited all night for ya
And dreamt you’d come
Not sure what you’re gonna do from here
Best I can tells ya
Hang on, you get another shot at yourself.


Sunday, 23 May 2021


Helen Gurley Brown
My success was not based
so much on any great
intelligence but on great
common sense.

Gloria Swanson
I never used words like "sexy"
the'20s. To me that was like
like talking about toilets.
I preferred to use words
"romantic" when a man sent
flowers or poems.

Elizabeth Taylor
I feel very adventurous
There are so many doors
to be opened and I'm not
afraid to look behind them.
(on being single again)

Saturday, 15 May 2021


Which season was it when we met
when I first saw you was it warm
steamy hot or cool . . .

I wish I could remember

It was a day that should be in my memory
it went away because of selfishness

It should not have meant so little
it should have stayed with me

I wish I could remember

I have regrets that recollection . . .
would mean so much to me today

I wish I could remember


Wednesday, 5 May 2021



Between soft clouds of puffed white warmth
midnights crescent moon reflects the shadows.
In peaceful sleep of pleasant dreams
there slithered in...
...the quick silver touch of evil love.
Amid the flashing lightning rods
bedazzling in the brightness
The winds of time stood still.

Begins...a private rendez-vous with satan.
In the stillness of the calm
sipping dewy drops of deathlessness
the bargaining begins.

Copper of Venus, iron of Mars
weaving magic webs of gold
in shimmering stars.
Tin of Jupiter, lead of Saturn
weapons...brewed in magic broth
against the fates and death.

Hush whispered words in tones of drunkeness
MAGIC...the practise of valued ends.
In thralls of spasm
muscle, bone and flesh succumb
signed with kisses from death's cold lips.

An exit wind to ride upon
The bargaining is done.

dmMattia ~ Summer 1997